Build it better, faster and much less expensive...


IBMgreen is a building product you want to know about... then
you are going to want to use it...  a family that wants to build a
new house...  just a remodel add on... or you are an architect,
builder, developer... One house or many,
 little building or big
multi story...
Because all fabrication is computer and robotic driven our
abilities are unlimited... custom curved wall or simple standard
home design.... If it is on your plan we can make it better, faster
and much less expensive

Better Building Product  - Less Costs
Marketing & Sales Advantage

Live and Work in the Safest & Healthiest Environment
● Shorter construction time: Save $$$on Construction Loan Costs
● Fast Assembly =Reduced labor costs
● Contribute between 35-80+ LEED points
● Special bank programs / subsidies for Green development
● Quieter then wood built
● Noise Barrier benefits for Multi Office/Multi-Tenant/Multi-Floor
● 100% recyclable. No construction site waste to haul off
● 70%+ more energy efficient
● Properly sealed: moisture cannot enter, if it does enter there is
   nothing to absorb into. Result is NO MOLD. There is no food for mold
   to grow.
● Non- Flammable Cannot Flame Will not Burn Nontoxic
● R-Values 20 to 60
● No Thermal or Sound Bridge
● 2x stronger than wood
● Utility Integration: Electrical/Plumbing/Data Cable Cutouts COMPLETE
● Doors/Windows/Vents Cutouts COMPLETE
● No punch card time: No Warping. No Shrinking.
● Reduced energy consumption for buyers and tenants
● Meet or Exceeds nationwide hurricane, tornado and earthquake codes
● LEED Platinum when combined with IBMgFluidStone
● Meet or Exceeds ASTM E 119 1 Hour Fire Test
● Meet or Exceeds ASTM E 72-OS Load Tests

Contact: IBMgreen
Patti Patane 760.578.0580